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Solor Photovoltaic

After many years of research and development solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have become a big player in climate change and are fully backed by the government in implementing this technology. We were all sceptical initially that this technology could generate a significant amount of electricity to make the purchase of solar panels a worthwhile investment. We now believe that Solar photovoltaic systems can help towards the electricity needs of the domestic, commercial and industrial sector. With the new Feed-in-Tariff available for all solar photovoltaic systems you can make an investment that will better the current rate a bank will offer, the system will be guaranteed by the government for 25 years which will pay you to generate electricity and on average will pay for itself in 10 years.

Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic

  • Reduce your electricity bill by an average of 60%
  • Grid connected systems sell unused electricity back to the supplier
  • Feed-in-Tariff pays 21p per unit generated by solar photovoltaic
  • Home owners receive additional 3p per unit exported to the national grid
  • Payments are guaranteed by the government for 25 years
  • Payments will rise with inflation
  • Add value to the property
  • Free site survey by NICEIC Electrical Engineer
Solar Photovoltaic installation

Example of a typical Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Based on a typical domestic 12 panel 2.5kWp system with a cost of £5000.00

  • You will be paid 21p per unit generated which equates to £446 per year
  • Save up to £140 on your current electricity bill
  • You will be paid £32 for the units exported to the grid
  • A total income and savings of approximately 500 per year
  • System will be paid back in up to 10 years, Tariffs will rise in line with inflation

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